Lead/Radon VOCs-In-Well Water

Pillar To Post Tests for VOCs in Well-Water 

VOCs are a concern for homeowners no matter where in the country you live. Pillar To Post offers VOCs well-water testing as an additional service and recommends this if you the property you are considering purchasing has a well. 

What are VOCs? 

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), are chemicals that are prevalent throughout the world. VOCs are present in nearly every kind of industry, from transportation to agriculture, and are a part of day-to-day activities around the home, whether you reside in a large city or rural area. These chemicals present significant problems because they are toxic and pose health and ecological concerns for our environment. The leading concern over VOCs is they dissolve and vaporize in water, making them inescapable. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors are trained to perform water-well testing to determine if VOCs are present. If the home or property you are purchasing is reliant on well-water, trust our team with this test and add it to your home inspection.

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Do I Need to Have my Home Inspected for VOCs?

VOCs are a component in both commercial and household products, from bleach to electronics. You have encountered VOCs if you have ever engaged in daily activities like doing laundry, pumping gas, or washing your hair. VOCs are present in refrigeration units, home septic systems, and dry cleaning. The concern about VOCs is as they are released, they either vaporize into our air or settle on the ground or surface of the water. Once dissolved in groundwater, these substances are concentrated and become more persistent and migrate to wells and drinking-water supplies. The only way to know if VOCs are present on your property is to have a professional test your water source or well. Pillar To Post ensures that your local team of home inspectors have the training to provide this valuable addition to any home inspection you book with us. 

Our Home Inspectors Test for VOCs

Owning a home with well water has many benefits. Well Water is a free, natural resource, and aside from the cost of electricity to pump the water into your home, you don’t have this utility bill. Ensuring that the well water on the property you are moving to is safe to consume and use is essential. There is no reason to skip this crucial step in a home inspection, so Pillar To Post Home Inspectors provide this valuable service as an addition to any home inspection we offer. Contact your local Pillar To Post to learn more about this and other additional services you can include in your home inspection.


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